Shoulder Research

The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory has been investigating shoulder pathologies for more than two decades. Our research is a collaborative effort of knowledgeable and experienced clinicians and scientists dedicated to the study of pathological shoulder characteristics in an attempt to improve the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of such pathologies.

The shoulder research projects are designed to identify functional shoulder characteristics associated with various shoulder pathologies. Identifying sensorimotor, kinematic, and kinetic discrepancies may assist clinicians in the early recognition of potential pathology, as well as provide the most effective treatment procedures to alleviate symptoms and structural damage. The incidence of shoulder pathologies and subsequent time lost from athletic competition/work continues to increase. Recent advancements in research technology may provide answers to questions regarding the shoulder that have plagued clinicians for years.

Our research is dedicated to the identification of: shoulder characteristics which may predispose individuals to developing pathology; characteristics present in pathological shoulders; the most effective treatment procedures for returning patients with shoulder pathologies to pre-injury status; and evaluation measures which may be used by clinicians to proficiently diagnose/evaluate pathological shoulders