Dr. Conley Army War College

Dr. Kevin Conley Attends US Army War College National Security Seminar--

Dr. Kevin Conley was selected as one of 160 civilians nationwide to attend the US Army War College National Security Seminar at Carlisle Barracks, PA from June 6-9, 2016.  This 62nd annual event provides a forum in which distinguished speakers may express their views on issues of importance to the Nation’s security and welfare. Students, International Fellows, faculty, and invited New Members from across the country contribute to a free and candid dialogue on these issues, both in plenary session and later in individual seminar rooms. New Members are a diverse group of American citizens drawn from across American life and various fields of endeavor. The Seminar enables these representative citizens to get to know some of the prospective leaders of their Armed Forces and, in turn, allows students to better understand the diverse society they serve.