The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory was very well-represented at the 39th Annual Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, on November 4-5, 2016, in Harrisburg, PA. Drs. Chris Connaboy, Betsy Nagle, Takashi Nagai, and Doctoral student Anne Beethe presented a symposium on aquatic physiology research as it relates to the combat swimmer. Dr. Matt Darnell presented on Emerging Concepts in Sports Science and Nutrition. Doctoral students Gordon Huang, Paul Whitehead, Anne Beethe, and Erin Pletcher, and undergraduate students Mike Tammaro and Joe Schmitz presented research abstracts. Further, doctoral students Shawn Eagle and Caleb Johnson were finalists for the Doctoral Student Investigator Award and Joe Schmitz was a finalist for the Undergraduate Student Investigator Award. Shawn won the MARC ACSM 2016 Doctoral Student Investigator Award for his study titled “Side-to-Side Knee Strength Imbalances and Increased Odds of Reporting Previous Injury in Military Special Forces Operators”.