Dr. Connaboy's Research Highlighted in NASA Article

A recent National Aeronautics and Space Administration article highlights the second phase of a study in which Dr. Chris Connaboy is involved. The study, led by Drs. Alfano and Simpson from the University of Houston, is seeking to characterize the psychological risk, its overlap with physical health, and the associated performance when working in isolated, confined, extreme (ICE) environments. This requirement for a greater understanding of the impact of working in ICE environments stems from NASA’s renewed interest to make the trip to Mars. The first phase of the study involved assessing and examining teams of four as they conducted 30 day simulated missions to a nearby asteroid in the Human Exploration Research Analog facility based at Johnson Space Center. This second phase utilizes the isolated nature of working in the Antarctic as a research analog, to further simulate some of the effects of working in ICE environments likely to be encountered during long duration spaceflight. Please use this link to view the article: http://go.nasa.gov/2cikD4G