Drs. Brad Nindl and Kim Beals Present at State of the Science Symposia Series

Drs. Brad Nindl and Kim Beals presented at the State of the Science Symposia Series: Fitness and Health Outcomes: Exercise, Health and Nutrition for Wounded, Injured, and Ill Veterans, Bethesda, MD, 30 March, 2016 sponsored by the Center for Rehabilitation Science Research, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Uniformed Services for the Health Sciences, Department of Rehabilitation, Walter Reed national Military Center, and the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, Human Engineering Research Laboratories. Dr. Nindl’s presentation was State of the Science of Military Human Performance Optimization and Dr. Beals presented Using Nutrition to Optimize Human Performance. Please follow this link to view presentations from this symposia: http://www.herl.pitt.edu/fitness-health