NASA Human Research Program Investigators' Workshop


Aaron Sinnott (2nd year PhD student) and Alice LaGoy (2nd year PhD student) were both accepted for presentations at the NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop” in Galveston, Texas. Aaron was invited to a podium presentation in the session entitled, “Neurocognitive and Neurobehavioral health for Future Exploration Missions” and presented preliminary results of an investigation of mental health and cognitive performance among participants undergoing an Antarctic winter over. Mental health is critical to a successful expedition to Mars and astronauts exposed to systematic stressors need to adapt for prolonged periods. Examining the emotional and behavioral responses during NASA analog missions can provide insight to the individual adaptations to isolated, confined, and extreme environments. Alice was accepted to the “Human Factors and Behavioral Performance” poster session for her analyses encompassing cognitive, vigilance, and perception-action coupling tasks among the same cohort. Dr. Christopher Connaboy (faculty member) is a current collaborator with researchers at the University of Houston, University of Arizona, and Fondren Orthopedic Institute.  The project was financially supported by NASA grant13-14BMEDPROP) to Drs. Alfano (University of Houston) and Richard Simpson (University of Arizona).