NMRL Faculty Take First Place in Innovation Tournament

Team Photo


NMRL faculty were well represented at the inaugural University of Pittsburgh Performance Innovation Tournament on April 11, 2018. The Performance Innovation Tournament was designed by the Pitt Innovation Institute to encourage Pitt researchers across multiple disciplines to collaborate with the Athletics Department to help solve issues facing athletes, coaches and training to improve performance and decrease risk for injury. Matt Darnell, PhD, Betsy Nagle, PhD, and Katelyn Allison, PhD, were members of the winning team for their proposal titled “Impulse Swimming Test,” which measures force production and anaerobic performance in real-time to swimmers. The Impulse Team also included Jackie Nagle Zera, former NMRL post doc and current assistant professor at John Carroll University, Marc Christian, assistant coach for Pitt Swimming & Diving, and Carma Sprowls Repcheck, assistant professor in the Department of Health and Physical Activity. The team won $80,000 in seed money for product development and validation testing. The proposal pitched by NMRL faculty Chris Connaboy and Qi Mi, which aimed to develop a “Pitt Fusion” data acquisition and dashboard application to integrate performance, injury and sleep factors in order to inform coaches, placed in the top four proposals out of 16 submissions. Connaboy was also a member of two other finalist teams, Moviso and iEXit.

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