NMRL Funded for SPARTA Training Study


The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory/Warrior Human Performance Research Center has partnered with Dr. Julie Greeves, Dr. Thomas O'Leary, Dr. Sarah Jackson, and Dr. Sophie Wardle from the Women in Ground Close Combat Research Programme, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, on the Soldier Performance and Readiness as Tactical Athletes (SPARTA) Training Study. This 3 year study will compare various physical training regimens to better understand physiological differences between men and women, and mechanisms to enhance abilities to successfully complete ground close combat occupational tasks, such as heavy load carriage. University of Pittsburgh Co-PIs Drs. Brad Nindl and Chris Connaboy and Co-Is Drs. Shawn Flanagan, Mita Lovalekar, Brian Martin, Courtenay Dunn-Lewis, Kevin Conley, Ron Poropatich, and Carola van Eck will comprehensibly examine physical employment standards, strength and power, muscle and bone physiology, biomarkers, and biomechanical adaptations.

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