NMRL Participates in HPO Symposium


On Tuesday, June 10, the NMRL participated in the Human Performance Optimization Sympoium hosted by the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine. The sympoisum hosted several speakers that discussed human performance optimization, and the audience included many sports conditioning professionals, physical and occupational therapists, coaches, team trainers, athletic directors, and others involved in the conditioning and rehabilitation of athletes. Pictured aboove (left to right) is Director, Brad Nindl, Associate Director and Associate Professor, Kim Beals, Director of Master's in Sports Science, Matt Darnell, and NMRL Doctoral Students, Will Conkright and Felix Proessl. Dr. Nindl was the moderator for Strength and Conditioning for the 21st Century, and Dr. Beals was the moderator for Nutrition. Dr. Darnell presented on the Nutrition session, and his presentation title was "Personalized Nutrition for Elite and Professional Athletes." Will Conkright and Felix Proessl each had oral poster presentations titled "Energy Expenditure and Load Carriage Exceeded Military Recommendations in Special Operations Forces Deployed in Afghanistan" and "Altered Brain Morphology in Women with History of ACL Rupture: A Structural MRI Study" respectively. There were many other NMRL participants that are not pictured above and are listed below:

  • Dr. Chris Connaboy - Assistant Professor and Director of PhD program in Sports Medicine: Moderator of Session #1 - "Sports Analytics and Wearables"
  • Dr. Qi Mi - Assistant Professor: Presenter on Session #1 - Presentation title: Data Visualization and Analytics in Human Performance
  • Dr. Nizam Ahamed - Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Poster oral presentation - "A Machine Learning Approach to Understanding Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors that Influence Running Gait Patterns"
  • Alexis Pihoker - PhD Student: Poster oral presentation - "Markers of Bone Formation Are Augmented Following Three Months of Ballisitc Training"
  • Meaghan Beckner - PhD Student: Poster oral presentation - "The Effects of Two Multi-ingredient Pre-workout Supplements on Endurance Capacity and Anaerobic Cycling Performance"
  • Kellen Krajewski - PhD Student: Poster oral presentation - "Exploratory Analysis of Ground Reaction Forces During Loaded and Unloaded Marching at Different Velocities"
  • Aaron Sinnott - PhD Student: Poster oral presentation - "Prolonged Exposure to an Isolated, Confined, and Extreme Environment: Impact on Vigilance and Cognitive Function"