Exercise Performance

Treadmill Testing in Lab

Aerobic Capacity/Lactate Threshold

Woodway treadmill integrated with a Parvo metabolic cart allows measurement of peak and maximum VO2Max, with corresponding lactate threshold measurements.

Anaerobic Power/Capacity

Using a Velotron cycle ergometer and Wingate testing protocol, anaerobic power, capacity, and fatigue index can be calculated for the lower body.

Muscular Strength and Flexibility

Isokinetic Strength

participant in lab research with staff

Utilizing the Biodex System 3 Pro isokinetic dynamometer, peak torque can be obtained at a variety of velocities to compare intralimb and interlimb differences in muscular strength.

Isometric Strength

Utilizing a handheld dynamometer, maximal voluntary contractions can be obtained in a clinically efficient manner for evaluation of smaller muscle groups, like those of the ankle. A 360-degree Smith machine is also set up with 2 Kistler force plates to perform bilateral maximal isometric testing, such as a rack pull or isometric squats.

Isotonic Strength

Research Participant Lifting in Lab

Repetition maximums can be obtained of any Olympic or power lift with a full Power Lift squat rack and 360-degree Smith machine.

Flexibility/Range of Motion

Measurements can be taken using goniometers and digital inclinometers of the shoulder, neck, lower back, hips, knees and ankles.