Injury Epidemiology

The NMRL has expertise assessing musculoskeletal injury patterns in physically active populations such as military personnel, elite athletes, and recreationally active people. As a part of our Warrior Human Performance Research Center efforts, we have collected and analyzed injury data for more than 3,500 unique military personnel. These include injury data from four Services (Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force), with an emphasis on Special Forces. We have analyzed injury data from military personnel at different stages in their career - from recruits to elite military personnel. Our injury epidemiology research is based on the four-step Public Health Model, and includes:

(1) The descriptive epidemiology ofmusculoskeletal injuries, including ascertaining validity of injury data collected from various sources.

(2) Analyzing risk factors for injuries in specific populations. 

(3) Studying the effects of customized injury prevention and performance optimization exercise training programs on mitigating injury risk.

(4) Implementation of injury prevention programs in military populations and assessing their prevention effectiveness.