Conkright Awarded 2021 Colonel Mary Lipscomb Hamrick Army Medical Specialist Corps New Horizon Research Award

Major William Conkright was awarded the 2021 Colonel Mary Lipscomb Hamrick Army Medical Specialist Corps New Horizon Research Award for his exceptional contributions to research. The MLH New Horizon Award recognizes outstanding, up-and-coming researchers with less than five years of experience in the areas of research and clinical investigation (inclusive of doctoral-level training) and less than five research publications (not including those published as a requirement of a graduate program). As a doctoral candidate in the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory / Warrior Human Performance Research Center, he had a lead role in planning, data collection, and training for a $2.5M DOD-funded study aimed at understanding characteristics and predictors of cognitive and physical resilience during simulated military operational stress. Additionally, he assisted with data collection in a $3.5M UK Ministry of Defense study with the purpose of optimizing training for military occupational performance in men and women, as well as a study with Basic Underwater Demolition / Seal (BUD/S) candidates to enhance throughput in the Special Operations pipeline. These studies, individually and cumulatively, have a substantial impact on enhancing military performance, readiness, and resilience.  In less than three years, he has already been the primary author on four peer-reviewed manuscripts and co-author on an additional five manuscripts related to military readiness and resiliency. His manuscript titled “Differential Recovery Rates of Fitness Following Us Army Ranger Training” was awarded the 2020 COL Mary Lipscomb Hamrick Research Manuscript Award. His body of work strongly supports the Army's mission of enhancing warfighter readiness to fight and win our nation's wars. Major Conkright’s name will be memorialized on a commemorative plaque that is displayed in the Army SP Corps office.