Ten Research Abstracts Presented at the Fall 2022 MARC ACSM Conference


Ten graduate and postdoctoral researchers represented the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory last weekend in the Fall 2022 at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter conference of the American College of Sports Medicine. Our members not only shared their research abstracts and latest findings about the Neuromuscular Research & Human Performance Optimization in athletic and military populations; they came home with an award that was added to the NMRL's shelf.

Kudos to Kelly Mroz, a graduate student in Sports Medicine, who presented on structural differences in the tibial metaphysis in female NCAA Division I cross-country runners and gymnasts and received the MARC-ACSM Master’s Student Investigator Award for her abstract and oral presentation! 

Nicole Sekel Derstine's presentation was entitled "Adaptations in Bone Mineral Density, Microarchitecture and Body Composition Following 12-weeks of Concurrent Exercise Training in Military-Aged Men and Women: An Observational Cohort Study". 

Varun Patel presented on neuroendocrine responses to cold pressor stimuli duing the Naval Special Warfare Screener.

PhD student Jenny Forse presented on her research examining the associations between psychological resilience and fitness test scores in Marine Officer Candidates.

Juliana Hougland's poster was entitled “Fatigue index is affected by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation target but not protocol”.

PhD student Evan Feigel presentation was entitled " Analysis of Inter-Limb Asymmetry of Landing Forces and Ankle Injury in Warfighters: A Prospective Study".


Alex Vincent's presentation was entitled "Assessing Differences in Areal Bone Mineral Density and Body Composition in NCAA Division I Football Athletes".

Elizabeth Steele's presentation was entitled "Load Differences in Male and Female Marine Officer Candidates Quantified by Inertial Measurement Units".